Elementary school at Arces-sur-Gironde

Adress : 18 rue de la Citadelle – 17120 Arces-sur-Gironde
Tel : 05 46 90 72 21

The commune of Arces-sur-Gironde is part of a group schooling scheme which consists of four communes: Arces-sur-Gironde, Barzan, Chenac SaintSeaurin d’Uzet, Epargnes.

The group has three schools :

  • Epargnes, which takes the three sections of ‘maternelle’ (nursery) and one class of primary.
  • Chenac which takes first year junior, ‘CE1’
  • Arces for the rest of the junior classes, ‘CE2, CM1, CM2’

At the beginning of the school year 2013-14 there were 110 pupils on roll.

SIVOS RPI Arces-Barzan-Chenac-Epargnes

For all information regarding inscriptions, tarifs for the crèche etc, please contact SIVOS* (see below) or the town hall secretary.
The Deputy Mayor, Chantal Rouil, responsible for schooling, is available, by appointment, on a Tuesday afternnon.

SIVOS RPI Arces-Barzan-Chenac-Epargnes
: 6 route de la Treille – 17120 Barzan
Tel : 05 46 94 40 52

The schooling scheme (RPI) is managed by *SIVOS (Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Scolaire ‒ a union with an educational mission) was legally formed on June 21st 2002 and is based at Barzan.

*SIVOS is an organisation to manage schools and extra-curricular services: school transport, equipment and supplies, school canteens, management of personnel, as well as organising programmes for the use of facilities.

Members are elected by the town councils of the member communes. They direct actions of SIVOS through the union committee and different commissions.

• Children are picked up by the school bus. A qualified adult accompanies the children to ensure their safety.

• Creches are available from 7am‒9am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at both Arces and Epargnes.

• Meals are served in school canteens. Where possible locally grown products are served.

Change in school hours

From September 2014, numerous extracurricular activities are offered: story telling, tennis for beginners as well as table tennis, cooking, English for beginners, and visits from outsiders to talk about their jobs.

If desired, a free bus will transport children to Cozes for their midday meal.

Parents Association/PTA

Adress : Association “Pour Eux” – Mairie d’Epargnes, Le bourg – 17120 Epargnes
President : Virginie Campiglia
Tel : 07 87 24 13 74

The association ‘Pour Eux’ is the name of the Parents’ associaiotn for pupils at Arces, Barzan, Chenac-Saint-Seurin d’Uzet, and Epargnes.

Don’t hesitate to become involved with this association whose aim is to contribute to the development of school work, and sport, culture and social extra-curricular activities.