Liste des Artistes du village

• Michèle Cahard

michele-cahardEx tapestry designer, Aubusson tapestries, Michèle Cahard became a professional painter in 1971.

She had her first exhibition at the age of 19. since then she has been awarded medals and distinctions, has exhibited in France and abroad, Russia, the U.S. as well as Hong Kong ‒ an impressive career.

Michèle moved to Arces in 1999.

Address : 9 fief de Villeneuve ‒ 17120 Arces-sur-Gironde


• Muriel Batillat

batillatThe sea in,spires all my work : grey, blue, pink, violet, shades of colours as the paintbrush or knife wills.
Open to imagination…

Adress : 26 rue de la citadelle – 17120 Arces-sur-Gironde

Tel : 06 86 33 78 31


• Valerie Decoret

decoretBorn in Strasbourg in 1963. Qualified at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris in 1989. Gained a degree in Plastic Arts in 1990.

She lived and worked for several years in Saint Malo then Rennes. She moved to Arces in 2006.

Valérie paints landscapes and elements of nature, people, heads…. Subjects which are sometimes worked in a manner almost like abstract expressionism.

Her paintings often exude a feeling of abandonlment, loneliness and melancholy.

Published in ‘L’Expressionisme Contemporain’, 200 works of flesh and blood. Editions Lelivredart

Adress : 13 ter rue de la Citadelle – 17120 Arces-sur-Gironde – Website :


• Mathieu Harzo

mateoSculptor ornementalist, embellishing façades. Moved to Arces only a short while ago. His work follows the tradition oof ornamentation of façades (heads, leaves, bas-reliefs etc) or elements of decoration (fountains, chimneys, statues….)

Using traditional methods, Mathieu can create or restore decorative objects as requested.

Adress : 13 ter rue de la Citadelle – 17120 Arces-sur-Gironde

Tel : 05 16 20 26 46


• Chantal Vermeulen

vermeulenFollowing her whims and fancies she can be in the figurative or reproduce masks reflecting customs of other peoples.

Now in Arces, her workshop and exhibition ‘l’aquarelle des couleurs’ ‒ watercolours of colours’ is open from June to September from 3pm-8pm everyday and by appointment during the rest of the year.

Listed Artist on

Adress : 11 bis rue du moulin d’Armel – 17120 Arces-sur-Gironde

Tel : 06 89 32 04 07