Town planning

Forms concerning town planning are available at the town hall as well as on the website :
Cadastral plans can be obtained from the website :
Make sure you consult this before starting any work.

Adress : Mairie d’Arces-sur-Gironde – 1 Côte de la Volette – 17120 Arces-sur-Gironde
Tel : 05 46 9071 06 / Fax : 05 46 90 82 44
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Opening hours :

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1.30 ‒ 5 pm
  • Friday from 8‒ 12 am and from 1.30 ‒ 3.30 pm

Councillor in charge of town planning at Arces-sur-Gironde : Bruno Leroy
Office Wednesday from 2 ‒ 6 pm

Memento concerning town planning

Town planning certificates

There are 2 categories of town planning certificates. Their issue is not obligatory but it is nonetheless recommended to make the application before engaging in any purchase of property.

  • The certificate of town planning information which enables you to know the reglementation of town planning applicable on the land
  • The operational planning certificate enables you to know if the envisaged project is feasible

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Preliminary declaration of work (DP = Déclaration préalable de travaux)

This should be filed :

  • For all new construction of more than 5 m2 and less than 20 m² (garden shed, garage, outhouse)
  • For a swimming pool with a surface area of more than 10m2 and less than 100 m²
  • For all erection of fencing
  • Mounting photovoltaïques panels

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Building permission (PC = Permis de construire)

This should be filed for all new constructions or extensions more than 20 m².
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Building permission or a modifying extension

Those who have a valid building permission or permission to extend can carry out modifications as long as these are minor.
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Permission to extend (permis d’amenager)

This authorises certain operations such as housing estates, camp-sites etc for more than 20 people.
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Permission to demolish (permis de démolir)

Both total and partial demolition need a permit.
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Declaration of opening a building site/construction work (DOC = Déclaration d’ouverture de chantier)

This document should be sent to the town planning service at the opening of such a building site/construction work.
This should be two months before the beginning of work, having previously obtained building permission.
It is obligatory to put up a panel on the land with the information relative to the building permission.
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Declaration testifying the end and the conformity of the work (DAACT = Déclaration attestant l’achèvement et la conformité des travaux)

This document is obligatory and should be sent to the town hall to testify that the work is finished and conforms to the DA, PC, PA etc…
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Sanctions in case of construction without authorisation

All construction carried out without authorisation will be punished by law with a fine of 1,200 € ‒ 6,000€ by square metre built and could lead to the building being demolished (art. L.480-4 of the town planning code).