The CCAS is managed by an administrative council, which meets with the mayor and, in equal number, members of the council and representatives of local life coming from the sector of clubs or otherwise engaged in the life of the commune.

They sit for the length of the municipal mandate.

The administrative council vote the budget of the CCAS and decides in which social sphere and what actions it will undertake.

In the whole commune, however small it might be, there will be people who find themselves temporarily or more long term, in a difficult situation: people and householdsin financial difficulty, old people, physically disabled, single parents, unemployed…

The CCAS has a mission of solidarity: it leads a general action of prevention and of social development in the commune, in liaison with both public and private institutions.

Role of CCAS

This organisation establishes social and medical need. All files are confidential.

For each request for social or medical help (such as keeping old people who are losing their autonomy in their own homes, request to be admitted to EHPAD….) The files the CCAS compile are sent to the relevant authority.

The CCAS puts into place a general, social action: carrying out actions of both prevention and of development in the commune. It can intervene in a situation of financial benefits, reimbursable or not, as well as in fringe benefits. In order to carry out this task, an analysis concerning the social needs of the person requesting help is necessary.

The CCAS guides people towards those who are more qualified to help.

The CCAS aims to nurture the feeling of solidarity, that no-one is on their own, by providing communal meals , Christmas hampers….

The social question is at the heart of local politics. It is not charity. The role of social action is not to distribute without end help to people who find themselves marginalised. That system entrains dependence and irresponsibility.

What is at stake is quite different: it entails preventing exclusions caused by difficulties, assuring a cohesion by pulling all the strings and leaving no-one isolated.

Contact CCAS – Town Hall of Arces : 05 46 90 71 06
Elected member responsible for CCAS : Chantal ROUIL – 2nd deputy
Office : Tuesday from 1.30pm ‒ 5pm

Social security

Office of the social assistant of this sector :

Mrs DANIEL (by appointment)
Tel : 05 46 39 60 37

For those who already benefit from social security :

  • Office at the town hall of d’Epargnes, the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 1pm
  • Office at the town hall at Mortagne-sur-Gironde, Tuesday from 9am ‒ 12

For those who benefit from MSA :

  • Office at the town hall of Cozes, Wednesday mornings

Social info

Food Aid

Anyone in financial difficulty can, on presentation of proof of resources, benefit from Food Aid.
Contact the association Solidarités du Canton de Cozes
Hôtel de ville – 2, Route de Saintes – 17120 COZES
Distribution is every 15 days, every second Wednesday from 2pm ‒ 5pm

Secours populaire français (charity organisation)

Every Friday from 2pm ‒ 5pm
55 Boulevard Franck Lamy – 17200 ROYAN
Tel : 05 46 39 87 34